News and Announcements

Update for 6/5/2014

by Markillion on Jun 05, 2014
  • Premium area redone.
  • Premium mine completely redone.
  • Premium mine now resets every 30 minutes.
  • Premium shop expanded and all prices increased.
  • Premium users now have access to /vp f to access portable furnaces and /vp wb for access to portable workbench.
  • Premium users can now rent mall shops.
  • Added anvil and enchantment table to new premium area.

Update for 6/3/2014

by Markillion on Jun 03, 2014
  • Spawn plots are now available for lease in the Realtor building.
  • New plot world added for Patrone rank. /plot will give you more information.

Update for 6/2/2014

by Markillion on Jun 02, 2014
  • Waterfront connecting has been added. Free and Citizens can now join by using the sign in the spawn room.

Please not this is in testing currently and can be very buggy. Please report any issues on the forums in the correct section. It is recommended that you do not take anything into Waterfront that you do not want to risk losing. The current Killion Co system will not work in Waterfront therefore your stamped items will drop. The current mount system also does not work in Waterfront and will not spawn a horse. Both these systems will be updated in the future to support this cross server interaction.


  • Prices reduced about 25% for mob drops in Euphoria shop.
  • Mob drop shop added to Waterfront for Killion members, this can be found at approximately  X:705, Z:-630
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