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SPL in Review: Season 2 Spring Split Week 3 Mar 26th, 2015

Wolfpack89 and Jhuns, here, with even more SPL coverage. We’re getting into the home stretch for the Spring Split, so each of these matches could have a huge impact on which teams go to the international LAN tournament. We use Smite.Guru’s Guru Pro Rating (GPR) to score individual players’ performances on a game-by-game basis. Check out our previous article [insert link here] to learn more about GPR.

Wolfpack, why don’t you start us off with the first match of the week over in EU?

London Conspiracy vs. Trig esports

We started out the week in typical EU fashion with a back and forth match which went to game three. London Conspiracy faced off against Trig in this three match set, and it was an amazing start to the week. The first game was pretty much a tie with only 3k gold separating the teams at the 22 minute mark; the game was basically even. Trig came out on top though in the end, only to fall in game two where Suntouch of LC put on an impressive performance as Thor, bringing the control they needed to claw their way back. LC let everyone know that  they weren’t going down that easy. We hit game three and Trig came out swinging, with the kill count at 15 minutes being 14-2 in favor of Trig. The first phoenix fell at just 18 minutes, and the Titan fell in a very short 22 minutes.


The player of this game was Trixtank, the only player to land a score above 1500 average across all three games. Trix was able to step up into the Guardians after being so well known for his warriors playing Bacchus twice as well as Sylvanus in game two. Xaliea was, of course, a force to be reckoned with, particularly in game three as Vamana (the only time Vamana was seen this weekend in EU) landing a GPR in game three of 2179.

London Conspiracy did their fair share of work, with Shaggyshenk and Snakeskin being the lead players, and Suntouch coming to his…

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