Darkwind Realms
A MMORPG experience unlike any other game built in Minecraft.
IP: Darkwind.EvolutionGaming.org
Killion Detention Center
Minecraft's number one and largest prison server.
IP: Killion.EvolutionGaming.org
A Minecraft experiment using the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.
IP: Incrypto.EvolutionGaming.org
Teamspeak Server
Come chat with us on your official Teamspeak server.
IP: TS3.EvolutionGaming.org

News and Announcements

Spawner Placement.

by Starzy on Apr 23, 2014

To have your spawners placed in the Free world, please fill out this form. Read the directions and fill it out correctly and I'll have your spawners placed as soon as possible. 

Update for 4/21/2014

by Markillion on Apr 21, 2014
  • Old Capture the Portal system removed.
  • The End Portal now uses the Capture Point/Clan Control system.
  • /cc command added to view control point stats and clan stats (Clan stats will be addressed in future updates.)
  • Fixed horses spawning the wrong age.

Update for 4/20/2014

by Markillion on Apr 21, 2014
  • Growth in Euphoria disabled.
  • Mob spawners in Euphoria are now disabled.
  • Guard names now appear blue over their heads.
  • Capture points will now warn at 10, 5, and 1 minutes left before they are available for capture.
  • The error message for Frees and Citizens have been changed to direct them to use the Freeville Shoppe or the Black Market.
  • Premium color names now appear colored in tab.

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