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A MMORPG experience unlike any other game built in Minecraft.
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Killion Detention Center
Minecraft's number one and largest prison server.
IP: Killion.EvolutionGaming.org
A Minecraft experiment using the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.
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News and Announcements

Region Resets

by Starzy on Apr 16, 2014
For the reset, all of the regions in the main world will be reset. This includes all CY plots, BM stalls, Freeville plots, Premium block plots (Not premium world), Premium shop plots, cells, etc. 
You have until the day of the reset (April 18th)  to collect and move your things. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

Intoxicated Reopening

by Markillion on Apr 12, 2014

Intoxicated will be returning - the Minecraft thread forum has been reopened already and can be found at http://bit.ly/intox-thread


We will be announcing at a later date when you can login to the server and begin playing again, so keep an eye on this website and the thread.


The IP will remain the same: intoxicated.evolutiongaming.org or intox.evolutiongaming.org

Map reset and more scheduled for next week!

by Markillion on Apr 11, 2014

We are currently working on multiple things for the upcoming free map reset. There have been a few delays so instead of happening this weekend like I had originally planned we will be doing the map reset next Friday, April 18th.


Please make sure to make the proper arrangements for the reset. If you have spawners please fill out the form, this needs to be completed BEFORE the reset <Transfer Form>! If you have a courtyard plot and premium plot please remove your items as well. 


During the reset changes to protection/precious stones and clans will occur, we will announce these later next week.

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